Metastasis: Season 1 (Hindi Dubbed) Web-DL 720p Episodes 1-20 Added ] 2014 Colombian TV Series

Download Metastasis: Season 1 (in Hindi) All Episodes (Metástasis S01) Hindi Dubbed [720p HD] [2014 Colombian TV Series] ,
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” Remake Of The American TV Series “Breaking Bad” “

Metastasis: Season 1 (Hindi Dubbed) Web-DL 720p Episodes 1-20 Added ] 2014 Colombian TV Series

Metastasis [Hindi Dubbed] TV Series

  • Series Name: Metastasis (Season 1)
  • IMDb Ratings: 2.2/10
  • Stars: Constanza Hernández, Diego Trujillo, Roberto Urbina
  • Genres: Crime | DramaThriller | TV Series [Dubbed ]
  • Quality: 720p | 480p [HD]
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed
  • Metástasis S01 Colombian TV Series (In Hindi )
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“Metástasis” (2014) – A Colombian Crime Thriller Drama TV Series ,
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Metastasis: Season 1 (Hindi Dubbed) Web-DL 720p & 480p [All Episodes ] 2014 Colombian Breaking Bad TV Series in Hindi Free on

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Metastasis (Metástasis) Season 1 All Episodes Hindi Dubbed Complete (Colombian Series in Hindi Dubbed TV Series].

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Metastasis (Metástasis) (Season 1) StoryLine:

A Colombian remake of the U.S. TV show Breaking Bad. After he is diagnosed with cancer, Walter Blanco teams up with José Miguel Rosas in order to sell crystal meth.

Colombian Drama Series : Metastasis Tv Series (Metástasis) | In Hindi | All Episodes | 720p 480p HD BRRip | Tv Series In Hindi .

Metastasis (Metástasis) Colombian TV Series Now Available Online via Original Colombian Web Series Dubbed in  Hindi All Episodes 720p HD Quality Index Of Metastasis S01 (Urdu Dubbed) Complete In Hindi | 720p HDRip (Spanish Series) In Hindi / Urdu Dubbed Free on KatMovieHD .

Metastasis (Season 1) [AKA. Metástasis S01 in Hindi]

Metástasis (meaning “metastasis” in Spanish) is a Colombian television series telenovela, Spanish-language remake of the crime drama Breaking Bad that transposes the events of the original from the United States to Colombia.[2] It follows all five seasons of Breaking Bad, with very few exceptions and little additions not seen in the original version. A few minor scenes were shot differently than in Breaking Bad, but this does not change the storyline.

Plot Keywords: Metastasis (Metástasis) Tv Series – Colombian Drama | Colombian series .

Review Metastasis Season 1 (Colombian Drama) :

It’s not fair to damage such TV series like this icon with this charade. This is not a version is a parody. Starting with the casting: Awful! Anybody who has seen Diego Trujillo “acting” will realize he does the same character every time. He’s the more overrated Colombian actor. The so called Jessie Pinkman is just a pretty boy who can’t act. Expressionless and flat. Julián Arango is a bad, bad Hank and Connie Camelo don’t even mention her. Sandra Reyes es repetitive as every soap opera she made… But the major joke is Luis Eduardo Arango as Saul Goodman. Give me a break!!!! It is evident the casting in Teleset is made by pointing friends or sexual benefactors. Damian Alcazar as Tuco Salamanca… What a waste! The guy who played Gus, no way. The twin brothers, no f*****g way. The Albuquerque desert enchant moved to Bogota, only looks good in producers retina. Directing is a poor trace of shots and the screenplays, well… Are an adaptation disaster with local slang and humor. Don’t see this. If you’re Colombian, request change of nationality. What a TV shame!!!

Diego Trujillo, who stars the show as Walter Blanco, is in fact partially bald (upper side of his head). Therefore, at the beginning of the show and in some other episodes he had to wear wigs to match original character’s look. Also, in the two final episodes Walter sports a full beard, not a moustache-goatie beard, which the actor was not able to grow. Thus, several patches of facial hair had to be glued to his face.

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